john castle

producer / engineer / multi-instrumentalist



 Quantam Audio Labs 8 into 4 channel 1970s console. 


2 Vintech 573s
8 Neve 1290 clone preamps
2 Hairball Audio Lola preamps
2 CAPI VP26 preamps
1 AWA Dual mic preamps and eps
1 Dizenghoff D4 Tube Preamp
5 OSA MP1-C Mic preamps
1 OSA MP1-L3 Mic preamp
2 Lindell 6x-500 Mic preamps
2 Warm WA12 Mic preamps
1 Eisen JLM/Cinemag mic preamp
4 JLM Baby Animal Mic preamps
1 Peavey/AMR Stereo Tube preamp with eq
2 Clowpunkt 60's Australian Preamps with inductor EQs
1 1960's Rola Tube Mic preamp (Rebuilt by Proharmonic)
1 Magnecorder Pt6-j 60s Tube Mic preamp
1 Joe Meek VC6 Mic Pre with Comp and EQ
1 1960's Philips Mic/Line Preamp
2 Channel 60s Solid State Mic Mixer with Limiter
1 Sm Pro JuiceBlock 3
1 CAPI 11 Space 500 Series Rack
1 Fredenstein 10 Space Bento 500 Series Rack
2 API 500-6B Lunchboxes
4 McCurdy Solid State Preamps



2 Retro Instruments Doublewide Tube compressors
1 Gates Sta Level clone
1 ADL 1000 Tube Compressor
2 EL8X Empirical labs distressors
1 DBX 161VU
2 EMT 261 German Broadcast compressors
2 Inovonics Model 210 Compressors
1 Chameleon labs 7720 stereo compressor


2 Solid State Square Inductor EQs
2 Sound Skulptor EQ 573s
2 Quad Eight RV10 Spring Reverbs
1 Ibanez UE400 80s multi effects rack
1 Ibanez UE405 80s multi effects rack
1 Sansamp Ps1
1 Radial Tank Driver w various spring reverb tanks. 
1 Furman Power Conditioner



1 Neumann U47 Clone with Thiersch Blueline Capsule
2 Neumann Gefell Cmv 563 Valve bodies
2 Thiersch Redline M7 capsules
1 Neumann Gefell  M9 capsule
1 Neumann Gefell M8 Capsule
1 MKL-RADIO MK264 Omni Capsule
1 Blue Bottle Rocket Stage 1 Body
2 Red Type B body's
2 Blue B6 capsules
1 Blue B7 capsule
1 Red R7 capsule
1 Blue B8 capsule
2 Groove Tubes MD1a Valve Mics
1 Sony C38b


3 AKG C451EBs
3 AKG C451bs
1 Neumann Gefell M582
2 1960s Hammond m100 tube condensers
1 Oktava MC012
1 Audio Technica Pro 37


2 Coles 4038s
2 SE Voodoo Ribbon Mics
1 Shure 315 Ribbon Mic
2 Reslo ribbon mics


1 EV RE20
1 AKG D112
1 EV ND868
1 Beyer M201
1 Beyer M202
3 Sennheiser 441s
3 Sennheiser 421s
2 Beyer M69s
2 Sm57s
1 Sennheiser PL9
2 Shure Unidyne 545
1 Sennheiser Md21
2 Sennheiser MD408s
Various other weird mics



Roland SH-1000 Monophonic Analog Synth
Juno 106 Analog Synth
Arturia Microbrute Analog Synth
Estey 1920's American Upright Piano
Wurlitzer 200A
Lincoln Chordmaster
Paolo Soprani harmonium
Farfisa Piano Organ, (Harmonium)
Farfisa VIP 345 Drawbar Organ
Farfisa Superbravo
ARP Quartet
Tempo Concert Glock
Suzuki Melodica
Nektar 88 note Midi controller
Casio keyboard


Fender Precision bass Japan 61 Reissue
Fender Custom Telecaster
Squire Fender VI Baritone Guitar
Castle Guitars acoustic dreadnought flat top
Castle guitars Small bodied nylon string
Castle Guitars Thinline with Humbuckers
Castle Guitars Solid Timber HollowbodyBass Guitar
Warmoth Stratocaster
Hondo precision bass
Fender Squier VI
1960's Canora Flat top F-hole with Pickup
1960's Triumph Archtop with Piezo Bridge Pickup
1960's Star small bodied Japanese Electric Guitar
1960's Sakai Japanese Small Scale Bass
1960s Japanese Mosrite Guitar Copy
1960s Japanese Mosrite Bass Copy
1960s Japanese No Namer


Fender Champ 5E3 Clone Combo
Fender Twin Super EQ
Vox AC30
Yamaha 70s Solid State Amp
Bass King 2 channel 100 watt Head (refurbished by Gavin Pearce)
Bass King Two 12 inch Speaker Box
Philips 10 watt Valve amp head
Tempo Solid state head with Spring Rev and Tremolo
Tempo 2 12 Speaker Box
Rola 8" speaker
Plessey 1 12 Projector replay Speaker Box
Warick 400watt protube bass amp head
Ev 15" bass speaker box
Vox pathfinder 15 solid state amp with trem and spring reverb
Companion Amplifier Psychadelic Machine


60's Pearl Kit. 18 Inch Kick drum, 12 and 14 inch toms
60s Gold Sparkle Kit - Slingerland copy. 22” Kick - 13”
and 16” toms with matching 14 by 5.5” Snr
60s pearl Kit 20" kick drum, 13" and 16" toms 5" * 14" snare
70's Pearl Silver Maxwin. 22 inch kick drum
Climax 26 x 14 Kick drum with calf skins
20" Japanese kick drum. 
2 24" marching bass drums
Barclay 20 * 14 60s Kick Drum
12" and 16" Sonor Toms
70's Olympic 5" by 14" Timber Snare
Ludwig 6 by 14 Metal 'rocker' Snare
Ludwig 5 by 14 Acrolite Snare (70s)
60's Tempo 5 _ by 14 Snare
Yamaha Wood Hoop Snare
Steel snare 5 by 14
Mapex 6.5 by 14 in Timber Snare
Pearl 8 by 14 Brass Snare
Zildjian 20" Constantinople Ride
Sabian 22” Prototype Ride Cymbal
Zildian 22” Ride Cymbal
Zildjian K 16" Dark Crash
Zildjian 14" New Beat Hihats
Zyn 14" 60s Hihats
Other trash cymbals
Pearl Conga


Apple Macbook Pro
Apple i7 27 inch iMac
Logic Pro X
3 Metric Halo 2882 +DSPs 3d Cards
1 Metric Halo ULN 2 3d Card

4 Fostex T20s
4 Audio Technica ATH-M40s
Various others from sennheiser and akg headphones
Qmix 6 way headphone mixer 



Adams A77x three way monitors
Adams A7x
Adams F11
Mackie HR 624s
Yamaha Ns10s
Realistic tiny monitors